Photographie de mariage de Leinster et du comté de Meath par Peter Rowen d'Irlande
2000 + (EUR)

Peter Rowen

Photographe de mariage en Irlande

I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in County Meath, Ireland and I absolutely love what I do.

I started shooting weddings back in 2002 and it’s been an epic adventure that’s taken me to every single corner of this gorgeous little island I live on.

I’ve picked up a bunch of awards along the way including a very recent one from the US-based Wedding Photojournalist Association.

My aim when I shoot a wedding is to observe and capture the day as it naturally unfolds. I don’t direct anything. This allows everyone to relax and just enjoy the moment.

I love to tell the story of the day, to capture the true atmosphere so that when you look back at my pictures you’ll not only remember how it looked but how it felt.

A little about myself…

I live just 20 km outside Dublin City in the countryside of County Meath with my wife Natalia and my 5-year-old son Zac. In my spare time, I love to mountain bike, snowboard and ride my motorcycle.

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